Local Rules

  1. The Committee referred to in all instances is the General Committee of the Pyle & Kenfig Golf Club.
  2. All additions or changes to the Local Rules shall come into effect immediately that such additions or changes are posted in the Club house.
  3. Separate copies of the current issues of the Local Rules and their amendments will be kept:-
    1. The Secretary’s Office.
    2. In the Professional’s Shop.
    3. In the Ladies’ Section Office.
    4. Behind the bar in the Clubhouse.
    5. On the Club Notice Board.
    All queries pertaining to these Rules are to be addressed to the Secretary.


There are four categories of Rules upheld in the Pyle & Kenfig Golf Club. They are:-

  1. The Rules laid down by the R. & A Rules Ltd.
  2. The Club Rules passed by the membership.
  3. The local Rules as decided by the General Committee.
  4. The G.U.W. Rules.

In addition to these main categories, there are rules for Handicapping for the men’s and ladies section of the Club, (which comply with the CONGU handicap policy,) and those additional Rules laid down by the L.G.U. governing Ladies’ Golf. This publication is concerned only with the Local rules as determined by the General Committee to ensure the well being of the Golf Club where the other rules fail to meet the needs of members.

The authority given to the Committee to determine these Rules is defined in the R & A publication “The rules of Golf 2008/2011 – Rule 33 and Appendix 1 together with the Rules of Pyle & Kenfig Golf Club- Rule 35.

The Committee recommends that each and every member of the Club be aware of the various Rules, as ignorance of them is in itself not an acceptable excuse for erring. It also recognises that the greatest aggravation between members is caused by lack of etiquette and that good etiquette can be summed up as courteous behavior and proper care of the course


  1. If a dispute, doubt or query arises on any local golfing rule, then the players are to refer it to the Secretary for the attention of the Course Committee. Should they find the decision of the Course Committee unsatisfactory they can, by writing to the Secretary, refer the matter to the General Committee, whose decision is final.
  2. Out of bounds
    A ball is out of bounds if it lies:-
    Outside the boundary of the Course or
    On or over the main road. (Rule 27-1 Rules of golf.)
  3. Ground under repair.
    1. Rabbit holes or scrapes, mole hills, including flattened mole hills, animal dung, hoof marks or deep ruts made by machinery. “THROUGH THE GREEN”(See Rules of Golf Rule 25.1)
    2. The fairway portions of the tracks & paths on holes 16 and 17 (as defined between the blue & white posts). All other tracks & paths are integral parts of the course including all scalping paths.
  4. Immovable Obstructions
    Rule 24.2 Rules of Golf & (Appendix 1)
    1. All artificially surfaced paths through the green are deemed to be “immovable obstructions”.
    2. All wooden sleeper steps are immovable obstructions, and the stone bridges on the 10th hole.
    3. The steps in bunkers are not part of the hazard and relief may be obtained under the rule (24-2(ii))
    4. Stench pipes and inspection covers are immovable obstructions.
    5. 150 yard markers.
    6. Blue & white posts marking ground under repair.
  5. Water Hazards.
    Rule 26 of Rules of Golf
    1. The ponds to the left of the 8th. hole are water hazards.
    2. The ditch crossing the 10th. hole is a water hazard.
    3. The ditches running parallel to the 10th. and 18th. fairways are lateral water hazards.
  6. Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions. (Rule of Golf Rule 24-1 applies)
  7. All score cards must clearly show :-
    1. The full name of the competitor and his signature.
    2. The name and date of the competition.
    3. The competitors gross score on each hole in the appropriate column and their handicap
    4. The Markers signature - only members with an official club handicap may act as a marker
    5. The scores of both competitors must be shown separately in four ball better ball competitions.
    6. All cards must be returned in Club competitions. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to
      Card not physically returned disqualification Rule of Golf 6-6b local rule 1future competition ban.
      Card handed in but scores not entered on computer - 1 future competition ban.
      Card not handed in and scores not entered on computer – 2 future competition bans.
  8. The handicap differences used in club tournaments will be:
    1. Full handicap in Medal and Stableford competitions.
    2. 3/4 Full handicap in 4 ball B/B Competitions.
    3. Full handicap differences in singles match play.
    4. 1/2 difference between aggregate handicap in Foursome match play.
    5. 3/4 differences in 4 Ball B/B/ match play, Differences being taken from the lowest handicap player.
  9. Halved and Tied Matches. Tied scores in stroke play competitions will be decided on the best score over the last 9,6,3,2, and last hole. Sweep monies will however be equally divided between those players tying.
    Sweep options as follows:
    First - Half
    Second - One third.
    Third - One sixth.
    1. Halved matches in Match Play handicap competitions will be decided by competitors playing “the best of the next three holes” continuing round the course (in 3s) until they reach a decision. Strokes will be given as and when they were given in the first 18 holes. Should for any reason the match be suspended, then it must be played from where the competition had been suspended. Competitors must ensure that the winners name or names are entered on the draw sheet by 22.00hrs on the last day of the round.
    2. A halved match in a scratch competition will be decided by a sudden death play off.
  10. Distance Measuring Devices
    For all play at this course a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. Rule 14-3 Appendix 1.
    A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If during a stipulated round a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3 for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.
  11. Preferred Lies
    From 1st October to 31st March and any other time designated by the Committee, a ball lying on any closely mown area through the green may be picked up wiped and placed within 6 inches of where it lies, not nearer the hole. The original position of the ball should be marked before lifting. (Rules of Golf).
    (This does not apply to cut paths as they are not cut to fairway height.)
    1. (From 1st April to Sept 30th a ball embedded in its own pitchmark in any revetted area of a bunker must either be played as it lies or deem it to be unplayable and take relief under penalty in the normal way. (The revetted areas of the bunkers are not cut to fairway height).
    2. All revetted areas of the bunkers are deemed to be Ground Under Repair and relief must be taken under rule 25-1 from Oct to March 31st
  13. The penalty for breach of Local Rule – Strokeplay 2 strokes, Matchplay loss of hole.


  1. Power assisted and wide wheeled trolleys ONLY are permitted on the course. Buggies are allowed by Arrangement with the Secretary (or Professional)
  2. Golfers will start from the tees specified on the starting boards other than on recognised competition days when competitors will have priority. In official Club match play competitions, players shall have priority at all times.
  3. Non competitors on competition days will need to choose starting times so as to avoid unreasonable interference with the competitors. To assist members that a competition is taking place. A notice will be placed on the starting board and advice will be available from the official Starter or Club Professional. Only the Captain or Secretary has authority to vary the starting times from those shown on the board.
  4. The laying of golf bags or the taking of trolleys on the greens is prohibited.
  5. Trolleys are not allowed on teeing areas.
  6. Competition Rules
    Ladies. See separate Ladies’ Rules.
  7. Competition Rules
    Entries must be made in person by a member of your group, as from 5 p.m. on Friday for the competition taking place approx 2 weeks ahead. However, entries can be made by telephone as from the Wednesday prior to the competition using available time slots. Players must ensure that their name is not entered more than once on the competition entry sheet. Should this occur the earlier time slot counts, and if this is missed the following rules must apply.
    A starting time sheet will be posted for each day that a stroke play competition is to be played.
    1. Players must report to the Starter 5 minutes before their starting time, if a player arrives late at the starting point but within 5 minutes after the starting time, the penalty is 2 strokes at the first hole or loss of hole in match play. If the player is more than 5 minutes late the penalty is disqualification.
    2. If a player who has an official starting time does not turn up and leaves his fellow competitors without a third person then that person will have a two match ban. The remaining two players will be permitted to play in the competition in their normal allocated time slot..
    3. Procedure for having a one or two match ban.
      As competitions are entered approx two weeks in advance then it would be unreasonable for the ban to take place for a competition already entered into. The ban would therefore take effect from the next competition not already entered into.
    4. Players are not to tee off until their allocated starting time.
    5. Male juniors with handicaps of 12 and below are permitted to play in Men’s competitions but would have to have one adult present in the match.
    6. The Starter has been given authority by the General committee and it is not proper for Members to argue with him whilst he is carrying out Club Policy as instructed by the General Committee. Any complaints should be directed to the General Committee not the Starter.
    The sheet will state the relevant details of the competition. A Draw Sheet for match play will be displayed on the notice board. Competitors withdrawing from competitions without advising their partners or the Secretary or notification to the Pro. Shop by 6.30p.m. the day before the competition will be subject to a two match competition ban.
  8. All Club competitions other than matchplay must start from the first tee.
  9. It is a condition of entry that a competitor ensures his name is entered in the competition book and has paid an entry fee in the Professional’s Shop before playing in a competition.
  10. Country Members are eligible to play in Club competitions but not to represent the Club in any team match.
  11. Competitors in Medal, Stableford or Bogey competitions will play in threes. However with permission of an organising official or Club Starter, four ball matches may play in the morning or afternoon sessions providing that the combination is casually arranged on the day and does not interfere with the speed of the competition.
  12. It is the duty of the player at the top of the draw to contact his opponent, but it is recommended that both players get in touch as soon as possible to arrange their next round match.
  13. Where in match play competitors are unable to agree on a date and time to play, then the competitor who is on the tee at 17.30 on the last day of the round can claim the match.
  14. In all finals of Club Match Play Competitions the players shall be accompanied by a referee appointed by the Captain. All players entering knockout competitions MUST be available for the Finals Day. (Refer to booklet for date).
  15. New Members.
    New members must have a minimum of six (6) lessons with the Professional before being allowed on the course. If they do not have a CONGU Handicap.
    To obtain an official handicap, three cards of 18 holes must be submitted having been marked and signed by members with official Club handicaps.
  16. Visitors.
    1. All visitors must have proof of an official CONGU handicap and produce it when signing in prior to play.
    2. It is the responsibility of each member to sign in and play with his/her guests, up to a maximum of three, and be responsible for their conduct on the course and in the clubhouse.
  17. Practicing
    Practicing must never interfere with play on the course.
    Practicing is permitted in the following areas:-
    1. The area to the north of the present 6th. hole.
    2. The practice putting green.
    3. The area behind the practice putting green, though chipping on to and off the putting green is forbidden.
    4. Practice shots may be played from the rough on the “A” holes, but away from the greens. Balls MUST NOT finish within 75 yards of the green.
    5. The practice ground, north of the ground staff accommodation.
    6. Chipping to the greens is allowed only from the rough at a maximum distance of 15 yards on academy greens only.
    7. Any such area which may, from time to time, be designated by the Committee.
      Practicing is prohibited on the course other than from defined areas a) to g).
  18. Priority on the Course.
    On Wednesday when the Ladies have a competition, they will have priority on the Course.
  19. Junior members have equal standing on the course, only when accompanied by a Full or Lady Member. (Junior members have priority on the loop holes :-see Junior Policy Document)
  20. Matches starting and matches in progress must alternate on the 1st. and 10th. tees.
  21. Players having played the “A” holes have no standing when attempting to rejoin the proper course.
  22. Only societies of more than 12 players will be allowed reserved tee times which must strictly be adhered to. Smaller societies must conform to Club starting times
  23. Members not playing a full 18 holes have no standing on the course.
  24. Members are not permitted to have dogs on the course with them when playing or practicing.
  25. Ground staff have priority on the course for maintenance and when necessary may take a hole, tee, or green out of play to do so.
  26. Single players should adhere to the starting times for 2 ball format.
  27. Penguins Society - On Sundays after British Summer Time ends, players may start on both 1st & 10th tees between 11.45 am and 12.30 pm. This however does not imply that the tees are reserved and matches other than the Penguins starting on the correct side will have right of way.
  28. Dress on the Course.
    Suitable golfing attire will be worn on the course at all times. Jeans, trainers, denim clothing, “football” type jerseys, training shorts, tee shirt singlets, and tracksuits will NOT be allowed on the course. Shirts must be tucked into trousers at all times.
    In the summer tailored shorts (not tight fitting or athletic shorts) may be worn on the course with sportlet, WHITE calf length socks or full length socks only.
  29. Strictly no changing of shoes in the car parks.
  30. Members MUST NOT park cars on the common, the course or on the verge of the main road. Parking in any of these locations is a violation of the by-laws of the Kenfig Corporation Trust and the Rules of Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club.
  31. Personal Liability Insurance Cover.
    All categories of members are advised to make adequate arrangements to insure themselves for damage against property such as vehicles and personal injury caused by them when playing or practicing on the course. Members and Visitors playing on the course are covered under the Clubs personal liability insurance policy. Members are also covered on other courses when representing the Club in league or cup matches. (This does not include theft of any personal equipment).
  32. Buggies
    Members and Guests are reminded that they are not covered by insurance when using their own buggies on the course. They should obtain their own RTA insurance.
  • The wearing of & denim/jeans type attire in the Clubhouse and on the course are prohibited.
  • The wearing of golf shoes is forbidden in the Lounge and Dining Room.
    Golf Shoes are permitted in the Spike Bar. The wearing of trainers or flip-flops is forbidden for men or ladies on the course or in the Clubhouse
  • The wearing of tracksuits, vests/singlets type garments, rugby shirts and T shirts on the course and in the Clubhouse is prohibited. The wearing of waterproof clothing and hats/caps in the Clubhouse is prohibited other than in the changing rooms. Shirts must be tucked into to trousers.
  • Tailored shorts and knee or calf length socks/stockings or sportlet socks may be worn on the course. Tailored Shorts may be worn in the Lounge, Spike Bar, and the Ladies Lounge or on the patio area of the Clubhouse, but must be worn with socks and shoes (not sandals).
  • Acceptable smart casual wear may be worn in the Lounge and Dining Room subject to
    Rules 1, 2, 3 & 4.
  • Tailored shirts may be worn outside of trousers on Social Events only.
  • Games. The playing of table games in the Mixed Lounge is prohibited (e.g. cards, liar dice, dominoes etc.)
  • Food. Hot food may be consumed in the Lounge and Spike Bar but only those dishes that are displayed on the Bar Menu.
  • Valuables and personal effects. Members and visitors are reminded that they are responsible for the safe keeping of their own valuables and personal effects, and should obtain their own personal insurance.
  • Members’ Guests. It is the responsibility of each member to sign in his or her guest and be responsible for their conduct whilst in the Clubhouse. Guests must leave the Clubhouse with or before the member who signed them in.
  • No golf bags, shoes, clubs etc. to be taken into the bar or lounges.

October 2011