Dress Code

P&K Golf Club wishes to convey a modern approach to its Dress Regulations and hopes that members, visitors and guests will assist in maintaining standards expected, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

  • Denim clothes of any description, football/rugby style jerseys, training shoes, tracksuits and similar apparel are not allowed on the course nor in the clubhouse.
  • Tailored shorts are permitted on the course.
  • Tailored shorts are permitted in the lounge area of the clubhouse until 7pm, to be worn with socks and open toed sandals (not flip flops) may be worn without scocks open toe sandals BUT NOT FLIP FLOPS can be work without socks.
  • Sports shirts are to have a collar and sleeves. T-shirts and singlet are not allowed on the course or in the clubhouse. Ladies may wear round-necked shirts with sleeves or sleeveless shirts with a collar. Gentlemen may wear round neck golf apparel on the course.
  • Shirts must be tucked into trousers both on the course and in the clubhouse. Except for social evenings as listed in the fixture and events book where shirts designed to be worn outside the trousers may be so worn in the clubhouse.
  • Trouser legs must not be tucked into socks.
  • Golfing apparel and spikes may only be worn in the clubhouse in the spike bar.
  • Golf shoes must only be changed in the clubhouse and on no account in the car park.
  • Mobile telephones are not allowed on the course or in the lounge or spike bar.
    (Except for emergency use)


1. The wearing of smart denim trousers is permitted in the Clubhouse but not on the golf course.
2. The wearing of golf shoes is forbidden in the Lounge and Dining Room.
Golf Shoes are permitted in the Spike Bar.
The wearing of flip-flops with toe bars is forbidden for men and ladies in the Clubhouse.
Shoes and sandals can be worn without socks for men and ladies.
3. The wearing of tracksuits, vests/singlets type garments, rugby shirts and T shirts on the course and in the Clubhouse is prohibited. The wearing of waterproof clothing and hats/caps in the Clubhouse is prohibited other than in the changing rooms.
4. Tailored shorts and knee or calf length socks/stockings or sportlet socks may be worn on the course.
Tailored Shorts may be worn in the Lounge, Spike Bar, and the Ladies Lounge or on the patio area of the Clubhouse.
5. Acceptable smart casual wear may be worn in the Lounge and Dining Room subject to Rules 1, 2, 3 &4.
6. Tailored shirts may be worn outside of trousers.
7. Games.
The playing of table games in the Mixed Lounge is prohibited (e.g. cards, liar dice, dominoes etc.)
8. Food.
Hot food may be consumed in the Lounge and Spike Bar but only those dishes that are displayed on the Bar Menu.
9. Valuables and personal effects.
Members and visitors are reminded that they are responsible for the safe keeping of their own valuables and personal effects, and should obtain their own personal insurance.
10. Members’ Guests
It is the responsibility of each member to sign in his or her guest and be responsible for their conduct whilst in the Clubhouse. Guests must leave the Clubhouse with or before the member who signed them in.
11. No golf bags or clubs are to be taken into the bar or lounges.